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For those struggling with addiction in or near the Chicago area, our interventions are based on compassion and support

Even when friends, family members, and loved ones beg or offer help, there are many people who continue to participate in various types of destructive behavior. These behaviors can range from drug addiction to gambling, from eating disorders to Internet addiction, but all are destructive to the individual struggling and their loved ones. Many times, when friends and families do try to help their loved ones, they become annoyed and offended since reason and individual conferences are ineffective. These loved ones can often see the truth that substance abusers cannot: the substance abusers need help, and that there is help available for them.

Some of the following concerns may make them hesitant to talk with their addicted loved one: How can I assist my loved one get well? What’s my role in helping my family member get help for this dependency? How will my addicted loved one react? What if bringing up the addictions makes the problems worse? It might seem impossible to find the right time and the right words, but holding an intervention with your addicted loved one is worth it. If you have a family member or loved one in the Chicago area who is struggling with addiction, we can help you plan and hold an intervention.

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