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Despite the fact that many people suffer from dependency, it continues to be a misunderstood problem. Many addicts make the initial decision to start using illegal drugs, but in very little time the drugs are able to ‘re-wire’ the brain, and their ability to quit is compromised. Many addicts started using drugs like pain medication as a legitimate way to relieve discomfort, then find themselves dependent on the substance that was meant to help them. Other people have gone through terrible traumas and attempt to medicate their stress and anxiety with legal or illegal substances. Since substance abuse disorders (regularly referred to as substance addiction, drug abuse, or substance dependency) is a long-term disease, doctors and counselors believe that it must be controlled and monitored, but it can’t ever be cured. We understand that education, support, and guidance are the most productive ways to help an addict in recovery, not punishment or cruelty.

Substance abuse disorder is a psychological disease that causes a consuming and unmanageable craving for drugs despite the understanding that they cause devastating results, and is a term that is used to include misuse of all legal and illegal substances, medication, and alcohol. The most applicable comparison is to type-two diabetes because each disease must be monitored, and occasionally medicated, for the remainder of the sufferer’s life, or they could die. Though it will seem like the addict’s fault, they have long ago compromised their ability to quit alone, and need help to control their substance dependency before it results in their death. Still, people generally see diabetes as a ‘viable’ illness when compared to substance addiction. To help our clients begin recovery successfully in a compassionate atmosphere, we treat substance abuse using medically proven techniques. We want to help people in the Chicago community find rehab options. Call (312) 465-4650 to get help now.

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